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UAH199 / month One Time 1500 UAH

  • Single-page website
  • Custom styling
  • We build a 5-block website
  • Unlimited number of blocks
  • Automatic Google Indexing
  • Basic SEO



  • Custom design
  • Custom functionality
  • Integration with your website
  • Technical support


We create a prototype of your website completely free of charge based on the information you provide.

If you choose annual payment within the "FREELANCE" plan, we will help turn this prototype into a fully managed website "turnkey." If you opt for the "BUSINESS" plan, we will create the first and two additional pages on your website "turnkey" absolutely free of charge.

The cost of creating additional pages ranges from 500 - 1000 UAH one-time, depending on the complexity of the page.

If you choose monthly payment, our work will be limited to creating the prototype. Developing each individual page "turnkey" is billed as creating an additional page.

However, please note that with the "BUSINESS" plan, you will always have the ability to create an unlimited number of pages on your own at no additional cost, and with the "FREELANCE" plan, you can add countless blocks and edit the content of your landing page.

This process consists of the following stages:

Stage #1:
Log in to our platform with your Google account and provide us with public information about yourself, i.e., what you want to see on your website.

Stage #2:
We create a free prototype of your website based on the provided information.

Stage #3:
If you like the prototype, choose a plan and make the payment directly on this prototype within the easyLanding system.

Stage #4:
Afterward, we complete the development of your website according to the selected plan and timeframe, preparing it "turnkey."

The hosting fee is already included in the plan, so you do not need to pay extra for it.

Additionally, your plan includes your personal subdomain on our domain Therefore, if you are satisfied with the website address


it is also part of the plan and does not require additional payment.

However, if you wish to have a unique website address on your own domain, you will need to purchase that domain, and we will set it up for you for free for your website.

No, website promotion is a completely separate product that requires marketing analysis, making appropriate decisions, and an additional budget.

However, the plan includes the technical aspect of SEO! You have the ability to edit the headings of all blog levels, provide alt-text for images, and edit page descriptions directly from your dashboard without the need for code intervention. Additionally, all website updates (including blog publications) are automatically updated in the sitemap.

Yes! When you choose to pay for a two-year period, we will provide you with an unlimited mode for your account.

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