Get Familiar with the Rules

Payment Options

1. Payment with Visa and MasterCard debit/credit cards - WayForPay.
2. Payment via bank transfer using the provided invoice details.

Service Terms

1. All features of the easyLanding service are available in the free mode. However, in this case, a semi-transparent banner with our advertisement will appear at the top of your site.
2. If you are subscribed to the "FREELANCE" plan and create multiple pages or blogs on your site, the promotional banner will not appear on the homepage (according to plan conditions). It will appear on other pages.
3. The banner will disappear immediately after payment according to the relevant plan.
4. When paying monthly, the banner will not appear until the current day of the next month.
5. When paying yearly, the banner will not appear until the current day and month of the next year.

Service Termination

1. You can unilaterally discontinue the regular payments for our service at any time.
2. To do so, cancel the regular (monthly) payments, contact us , and we will cancel them within a day.
3. Your current paid plan will remain active until its term ends, even after you cancel the regular subscription.

Refund Policy

1. We do not provide refunds for paid services or services in their current working state. However, we are ready to assist you in adapting them to your needs and tasks.
2. If you have doubts about the quality of our services, start with the minimum monthly plan to test the service or use the free option.

Contact Information:

Individual Entrepreneur (IE): Igor Hryb
EDRPOU: 3057308614
Phone: +380979707447